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From Mark Takacs <>
Subject HTML:Image (was: HTML / Struts Help)
Date Fri, 15 Feb 2002 03:33:13 GMT
> You can use the <html:image> tag and set the property 
> to a value. Then in the action, you are able to find out, 
> which button was presed 

Ok, this sounds fine, cept Im running into the .x .y problem outlined
in the HTML:IMAGE docs.   Has anyone gotten this working with the
html:image tag?  None of the dozen or so responses so far seem to
address that point.

The html:image docs have this to say:

> <html:image property="property"  ... />
> The property name of this image tag. The parameter names 
> for the request will appear as "property.x" and "property.y", 
> the x and y representing the coordinates of the mouse click 
> for the image. A way of retrieving these values through a form 
> bean is to define getX(), getY(), setX(), and setY() methods,
> and specify your propery as a blank string (property="").

ARG!  What if I *need* to use a named property to tell two images

If I use

<html:image property="createButton" src="create.gif" />
<html:image property="deleteButton" src="delete.gif" />

They do indeed show up as "createButton.x=6" and "createButton.y=10",
when I dump the request.  However, my  setCreateButton() never gets
called.  I assume there's a "createButton.x" being tossed in the way. 
Mmking a methods called setCreateButtonX() didnt seem to help

Following the suggestion in the docs

<html:image property="" src="create.gif" />
<html:image property="" src="delete.gif" />

I can then create "setX()" and "setY()" which do get called.  However,
I can no longer tell which button they pushed.. the create or the
delete button.  My webdesign folks will *never* let me use a generic
html submit button, it's GOT to be an image.  

Here's what I'd like, following the suggestions so far.

      <html:image property="createButton" src="create.gif" />
      <html:image property="deleteButton" src="delete.gif" />

      boolean createButton;
      public void setCreateButton__???___(String createButtonParm) {
           createButton = true;
      public boolean isCreateButton() {
           return createButton;
      if (formBean.isCreateButton()) 

I would really like to use the Form get/set method outlined above,
instead of scrolling thru the entire Request object looking for
parameters that start with "createButton.x".   It seems like I just
need to figure out how to name the setter/getter methods in my bean so
that the <html:image ..> tag actually calls the right part of the bean.

Currently Im looking thru the html:image taglib code...  urgh.


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