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From Keith <>
Subject Re: Struts jar
Date Fri, 15 Feb 2002 11:59:53 GMT
can't help you mate - but full sympathies.
I reckon the laws of cause & effect got a bit fuzzy on the server side.
This multiple class loaders thing is a real pain in java. I reckon it's a
problem in the design of the language. It creates a mighty trap that catches
people again & again. We are in the pioneering days of web development so much
pain to be endured.

When my app broke but the examples work try:-
1 - copy struts-stub to a new name.
2 - restart the server to deploy it.
3 - move my app into this new app.
It would work. That way I never really found out what was wrong - but never
wasted lots of time learning to be a server guru.

good luck. - Keith

--- Joe Latty <> wrote:
> This is driving me insane, first up I had the classic
> java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError. Trolling through the archives I found that I
> must not have struts.jar in the lib directory of the webserver only in the
> WEB-INF directory of the application.
> After a few days it goes belly up once again, I cannot figure it out I go
> searching my entire machine for struts.jar I find a copy in netbeans/lib/ext
> (go figure). I nuke the offending jar. Reinstall resin (the webserver), I
> wouldn’t run, and then recompile the app. It worked until today, now the
> problem has returned.
> I have nuked every instance of struts.jar on my machine (except of course
> the one in the application lib directory). Everything compiles but it will
> not run. The irony is that if I drop one of the war files in the webapps
> directory it works (I think this is just to make me feel worse).
> The current error is
> java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/struts/util/GenericDataSource
> but if I take out the load-on-startup it will just be anything from the
> org/apache/struts package
> Joe

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