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Subject Re: Quick question about iterators & beans on a page
Date Fri, 15 Feb 2002 15:19:58 GMT
In the action that will be forwarded to your jsp you put a list(e.g. an 
ArrayList)  on the request.  This list contains bean of some kind.
Then in your jsp you can write : 

<logic:iterate id="item" name="NameOfMyListOnTheRequest" scope="request">
   <bean:write name="item" 
property="SomePropertyOfTheBeansThatAreInTheListOnTheRequest" />

On 15 Feb 2002 07:01:59 -0800 Adam Hardy <> wrote:
>Being a bit slow off the mark with this iterator tag. I've found all sorts of 
examples and
some stuff in the archives here but it's confused me more than helped me. 
>If I want a list displayed, no form, just data, the best place to get it is in 
a page context
bean, right? 
>Second, how do I access the page context or the session from within that bean? 
>I take it I don't want to create my own bespoke iterator tag, right?
>Any help gratefully received. 
><logic:falling fast>Adam</logic>
>On Fri, 15 February 2002, Adam Hardy wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I want to populate a table with data from a database, so presumably I create 
a bean on a
jsp which calls the database, and converts it and hands it to an iterator. 
>> First, how do I make the data thread-safe? Is it thread-safe because it is 
in a jsp which
is therefore compiled into a local variable in its corresponding servlet?
>> Second, how do I get the user's ID in the bean? Do I pass it in to the bean 
constructor as
a parameter via the usebean tag, or do I pass in the session, or can I get the 
session somehow
in the bean (from getPageContext or similar)?
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