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From JC <>
Subject Memory consumption of tags
Date Fri, 22 Feb 2002 13:06:06 GMT
We're working on a struts application running on
Websphere 3.5.4. I was doing some performance testing
when I noticed that it consumed a whole lot of memory
which I couldn't really explain. So I ran the
application supervised by JProbe and discovered some
interesting things.

On one of the JSP's there were nearly 50 000 object
created of the class java.beans.MethodDescriptor and
half as many of java.beans.PropertyDescriptor. This
made my investigate things further, and I bottled down
a JSP with only a simple <bean:write name="testBean"
property="value"/> - tag in it. On a request to this
JSP I got these results:

java.beans.MethodDescriptor:  	106 objects á 36 bytes
java.beans.PropertyDescriptor:  35 objects á 52 bytes

The upmost rows of the trace looked like this:
JspRuntimeLibrary.introspecthelper(Object, String,
String, ServletRequest, String, boolean)

And this is just for the simple "write" tag. The
iterate tag generated over 700 objects of the
MethodDescriptor class.

What I did then, was to run the same investigation
using the Tomcat4 (latest binary production release)
and what I found was... no objects at all of these
classes was created!!

The conclusion here must be that the Websphere servlet
engine must produce a lot of overhead using the tags.
This is of real concern on a site with some real load
to it.

Has anyone running Struts on Websphere noticed these
oddities as well or maybe explain the reason for this?


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