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From "Roman V. Petrov" <>
Subject MVC and Struts
Date Fri, 15 Feb 2002 17:59:08 GMT
Struts gurus and users,

I used Struts in several projects and have a question about Struts design.
If consider a Struts application with separated business
layer (like EJB or another way) as MVC example I see:

ActionServlet - Controller
Action        - mixed Controller + View
JSP with tags - View
FormBean      - Model
EJB           - Model

I think Action has View functions because it is responsible
for getting Model state from EJB and constructing special
view beans for JSP.
And why Struts goes JSP-way to the future?
I consider JSP tags is not better solution to render the View.
What about integration with XSLT?

I found two solutions to integrate XSL and Struts
However both have not clear push-MVC model.

I think about Struts extension like this:
RequestDispatcher(ActionServlet), FormBean, Action, View - java classes
XSL stylesheet - precompiled XSL

I'm interested about any Struts users and developers opinion.

                     Sincerely yours, Roman Petrov

Software Engineer                    Actimind, Inc.
Software Development Department
E-mail:            Saint-Petersburg
Phone:  +7-(812)-325-87-16(ask 108)  Russia

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