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From Ace <>
Subject Changing ActionForms in an Action
Date Tue, 05 Feb 2002 16:29:38 GMT
Can an Action class perform() forward a different ActionForm  to the 
forwarded jsp
than the one it receives?

Lets say I have a customerSelectList.jsp where the user selects a 
customer to edit and
a CustomerSelectActionForm is passed to an Action. The Action retrieves 
the customer
recond from a Model . The Action forwards to a cusomerEditForm.jsp which 
needs to
read from a CustomerEditActionForm. Can the Action populate and  forward a
CustomerEditActionForm? (Yes I know the Action can stuff anything into 
the session
or request but this is kind of a non-standard way for a jsp to access 
its form isn't it?).

I have accomplished this in the past by having Action A forward to an 
Action B which
is setup in struts-config to received the new form class. But that is 
not the best way is it?


- Rick Holland   OO/Distributed Systems Consultant
- ObjectAge Inc.
        "Logic is a wreath of pretty flowers, that smell bad"

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