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From Jeff Pennal <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] stxx - struts for transforming with xml and xslt
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2002 17:33:21 GMT
stxx - 0.7

Struts for transforming XML with XSL (stxx) is a rewrite of the struts 
framework to support XML and XSL .

stxx sit's on top of struts, extending it's existing functionality to 
allow Action classes to return XML that will be transformed by an XSL file.

The idea of stxx is to remove the need to be use JSP and TagLibs for the 
presentation layer of this framework. However, stxx does not force you 
to go the XML/XSL route, both technologies should work side by side.

So, adding XSL support to struts is ALMOST as simple as adding the 
following tags to your struts-config.xml file:

<action path="/welcome"
	<forward name="success">
     the transform tags take the XML returned by the Action
     and transform them. The transform tag used is determined
     by matching the user agent against the name attribute (or
     default if nothing matches)
		<transform name="default" path="/login.xsl"/>
		<transform name="Mozilla" path="/login_netscape.xsl"/>
		<transform name="MSIE" path="/login_msie.xsl"/>

stxx features:
      - Enhances the <forward> tag in the struts-config.xml file to allow
        one to many <transform> tags. These <transform> tags represent
        the XSL file to be used depending on the user-agent of the
        browser accessing struts

      - A new class variable for the Action class, A JDOM Document, which
        you use to append your data in your Action class too. This
        Document object will be transformed by the XSL file in your
        <transform> tag.

      - stxx automatically flattens the ApplicationResources file to XML
        and attaches it to the Document object returned by the new Action

      - stxx also automatically appends the request parameters and
        attributes, as well as ActionErrors as XML to the Document

Please note: stxx is a work in progress, however, at this point I've 
been using it for about 4 months and it works great for me, I realize it 
might not fit everyone elses needs. Please send me feedback, opinions, 
complains, etc.


Also, to those other people (2 that I know of) who have downloaded the 
previous version of this that I had, this is an almost complete rewrite 
of what I had earlier.

This version is not the rewritten struts code, but a seperate package 
that is a lot leaner, quicker and better.


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