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From Ted Husted <>
Subject Re: Transaction Token check required before form populate
Date Thu, 14 Feb 2002 15:25:05 GMT
The usual workflow is to visit an Action before displaying the page.
This gives you the opportunity to any number of things, including
setting up the tokens. 

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Duncan Harris wrote:
> I need my transaction token checking before my form is
> populated.
> Problem here is that I have indexed properties and the valid index range
> may be different at different times. When all is well, the form bean and
> the HTML form correspond, but if the user goes back and re-submits then
> they may not and I can get out of range exceptions.
> I thought I could use the transaction token to guard against this, but
> of course it needs doing before the action perform() method is called.
> I already have a servlet derived from ActionServlet so I thought I could
> do it here, but of course the token checking functions are not available
> from here because they are protected.
> So it seems I have to copy the token checking code.
> Is there a clean way to solve this?
> Or maybe STRUTS needs fixing? Should the token checking functions be
> static and public?
> Duncan Harris
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