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From Sarah Farrell <>
Subject Re: help: <%>.. how do i convince them to learn JSP?
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2002 03:48:28 GMT

Here's the best one I could find.

There are some other ones on if you search for "JSP presentation
logic separate".

Here's another one:

P.S. Please don't cross-post to multiple jakarta lists.

At 07:34 PM 2/11/2002 -0800, you wrote:
>long before server pages or servlets existed i was
>writing these C++ template based systems with CGI
>so i could do my best to separate content generation from programming
>i'm a consultant and this company made me lead on my first JSP/Servlet based
>i was really excited to get involved with JSP tag libraries.
>but when i got into the code base IT'S ALL .jsp files with
>TONS of Java scriptlets!  it's nasty.  if/else blocks several hundred lines
>the developer i took this over from
>thinks there is no reason to do it any other way.  tags?  why use tags?
>i am asking for input/references on why you want to keep the scriptlets <%>
>out of the JSP files.  every time i try to make a point-- maybe
>i'm just not being eloquent enough...
>on another note: is it really model 2 if a JSP is processing the request?
>i don't think it is, even if your entire JSP is just some java code
>wrapped with a scriptlet tag..  (yuk).
>thanks for input.
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