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From "Andres Marcel (KASO 211)" <>
Subject RE: Form bean -> null
Date Thu, 14 Feb 2002 10:00:16 GMT
Hi Konstantina,

How do you call your page? If you first call is not like ".do", then the action will not be
invoked, therefore the form bean is not initialized.


-----Original Message-----
From: Konstantina Stamopoulou []
Sent: Thursday, February 14, 2002 10:36 AM
To: Struts Users Mailing List
Subject: Form bean -> null

I need to use a  form bean  in struts and this is the first time I'm doing that .So as newbie
I feel I'm missing something basic. Can U help me? This is my case.
I have my struts-config :

   <form-bean      name="MyForm" type="provider.test.MyForm"/>

 <action    path="/editStream"
      <forward name="success"              path="/streaming.jsp"/>

I have MyForm Bean with set and get methods and I have MyForm Action   which just initializes
my form:


if (form == null) {
  System.out.println("Form is null");
     form = new MyForm();
            if ("request".equals(mapping.getScope()))
                request.setAttribute(mapping.getAttribute(), form);
                session.setAttribute(mapping.getAttribute(), form);
 MyForm strmform = (MyForm) form;

and finally my .jsp is the following:

<html:form action="/details" >
   <tr> <font size="5" color="#0000A0"> Destination IP Address : </font>

        <html:text  property="ip1" size="3" /> <font color="#0000A0"> . </font>
        <html:text  property="ip2" size="3" /> <font color="#0000A0"> . </font>
        <html:text  property="ip3" size="3" /> <font color="#0000A0"> . </font>
        <html:text  property="ip4" size="3" /> <font color="#0000A0"> . </font>
   <tr> <html:text  property="port" size="3" /> <font color="#0000A0"> </tr>
   <tr> <html:text  property="lan" size="3" /> <font color="#0000A0"> </tr>
   <tr> <html:text  property="autostart" size="3" /> <font color="#0000A0">

When I callthis page I get a :

javax.servlet.ServletException: Cannot retrieve definition for form bean null

error, and I cannot fingure out what I 'm doing wrong.

I would appriciated if U could provide me with any info regarding this problem.

Thank U in advance,

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