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From Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen <>
Subject Re: Connection Pooling
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2002 19:39:29 GMT

fredag februar 1 2002 kl. 05:21 PM skrev Brad Rhoads:

> That link was to info mostly about 8i (Build 8.1.7). I need it work w/ 
> Build
> 8.0.5.

> * Different JDKs require different class files--classes in,
>, and, respectively

This means that you need different releases of the driver depending on 
what version of the JDK you work with on the client side.   They require 
facilities which exist from that version and forward. 
require at least a JDK 1.1, and Classes 1.2 require at least a JDK-1.2.    
We have verified here that the driver in work against Oracle 
7, but we have tried with the optional JDBC 2.0 facilities yet.

> * Note: the JDBC server-side internal driver is not available for 8.0.x 
> and
> prior versions.

You may have a Java-machine running inside a Oracle8i or Oracle9i database,
  where the JDBC-connection benefit from this.   AFAIK this internal Java 
machine does not exist in Oracle 8.0.

> * The JDBC drivers do not support structured objects when run against an
> 8.0.x database. This is because JDBC depends on PL/SQL functions that did
> not exist in those releases.

This refers to if you use some of the new object oriented extensions to 
Oracle, where a single "cell" may contain several values.

> So, does the JDBC Driver-Database Compatibility info  say that I just need
> to use a different class file, say classess111, or that I can't do what I
> want w/ 8.0 or ???

Use the latest available to you on your given platform.  I have found that 
the code is newer in than in, which may or 
may not mean something.

If you have the option to run on a machine where Oracle is installed, you 
may want to look into using the "thick" driver, as this supposedly is 
faster than the thin drivers.

   Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen
   Scandiatransplant, c/o Christian Mondrup
   89 49 53 01

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