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Subject indexed not supported on multibox ???
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2002 18:48:14 GMT
Hello all,

Is there a reason why there is no indexed attribute for the html:multibox
tag in the TLD?  I have the nightly build from February 6.  

Unless this doesn't make sense and there is another way of doing what I want
to do. I have a screen showing up many users that have many roles.  My form
bean has a vector of user bean that contains a vector of roles.  Roles are
entered by a series of checkbox.  Something like 

<logic:iterate name="userFrom" property="users" id="user">
   <html:text         name="user" property="name" indexed="true"/>
   <html:multibox name="user" property="roleCd" value="A"
indexed="true"/>Role A
   <html:multibox name="user" property="roleCd" value="B"
indexed="true"/>Role B
   <html:multibox name="user" property="roleCd" value="C"
indexed="true"/>Role C

Now this doesn't work because of the indexed="true" in the multibox tag.
How can I go about this without that?

David Gaulin
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