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From Martin Samm <>
Date Fri, 15 Feb 2002 07:42:37 GMT
i'm rewriting a web app using struts and have one remaining problem - the 
content we render has hard coded links to other content - i've figured out 
the format for these links and how we would translate / map them to new URLS  
- pick up the 404 and, using apache's ErrorDocument send it to a struts 
action, which would then act like a dispatcher/mapper - parse the original 
url, create a new one, and create a new ActionForward for it. The only 
trouble is, i have yet to find how i get to the original url - i know in Perl 
it's set in the $ENV{} array. Is it retrievable in Java? Also do i use an 
ActionForward or can i (as you would in Perl) send back, to Apache, a 301 
status and a new url / location? I know this is a bit off the struts trail, 
but i'm sure someone must have come across this already

Martin Samm

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