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From "Jack Zakarian" <>
Subject RE: [ANNONCE] Chiki version 0.24 Released
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2002 18:14:25 GMT

There are no files for .24 on
I also got an error message "The XML Page could not be displayed"
when trying to download 0.23 war.


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Subject: [ANNONCE] Chiki version 0.24 Released

Version 0.24 Released and available for download - see <>  for full details.

This release includes:

- now works on Tomcat 4.0 (and is in fact running now on tomcat 4)
- Xml Binding of all persisted objects
- Extracted Repository giving more control over where content is
persisted too (and allowing it to work on other servers that dont
extract war files)
- Some minor bug fixes and UI updates
- Password and email validation
- see the full list at the website

Those who previously registered at the Chiki website, will have to
register again - including me - with this release, as the persistence
mechanism has changed quite a bit. However, this is the only time you
will have to do this. Updates from now on will not require this - thanks
to the wonders of Xml !

Many thanks to all those who have contributed feedback, time and effort
so far. Keep it coming !

There has been over 100 downloads of Chiki so far in the first week !
Those who have downloaded Chiki, but not yet got in touch, please do and
tell us how you are getting on. All feedback is greatly appreciated.

One final reminder - there are some of you who are emailing me re Chiki
Development and are not yet on the mailing list - please subscribe to
the mailing list, as this keeps it simpler for communicating
announcements and progress amongst all involved.


Ghoot Emaho
Development Team Leader
Petrotechnics  <> Ltd

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