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From "Jay Milam" <>
Subject iterate tag to repeat for a collection of individula objects
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2002 14:52:31 GMT

I need to have a struts logic:iterate tag, which has to repeat a set of tag
for a collection of individual objects.

I have a .jsp page , which contains Logic iterate tag

	  <logic:iterate id="client" name="clientList" property="clients" >
		  <bean:write name="client" property="clientType"  />
		  <bean:write name="client" property="dateOfBirth"  />

Where 'clientList' is a bean which contain 'clients'(ArrayList) as member.

The form bean for this .jsp contains 'clientList' as a member.

In the action class  the following step are done
for i=1 to x
1. Create new Client object. ( Where Client object contains, 'clientType' 
and 'dateOfBirth' as members)
2. Add that Client object to the 'clientList'
next i

The scope in the action-mapping for this action is set to 'session' in the 
struts config file.

I am getting 'cannot find bean clientList in scope null: 

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