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From "Alex Colic" <>
Subject RE: How to track the row id......
Date Fri, 15 Feb 2002 19:59:32 GMT

I just finished doing something similar. I have an ArrayList with a bunch of
charging objects. When the user goes to the summary screen I iterate through
all the objects and show them the data. I have added two icons, edit and
delete at the end of each charging row. Each of these icons is a link e.g.:

<html:link page="/" indexed="true">

When the user clicks on the edit icon my editChargingAction is called with a
request parameter of 'indexed'. This holds the element in the ArrayList that
the user wants to edit. I take that index, get the details for that charge,
put that object into request session and send them back to the same page. I
have a form on that page that looks for that object and shows the details.

Is this making any sense? Is this what you were looking for?


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From: []
Sent: February 15, 2002 12:35 AM
Subject: How to track the row id......

In a particular scenario im populating my form using logic:iterate
with data fetched based on a query the user may edit or view the same(for
each row)

lets say im populating my order form with line item enrty and the user wants
to edit or view each line item

Now how can one generate and track the row we have any tags or
attribues for any
tag to do the same.

If a tag attribute is doing the same then how can one get the index value

I have tried using
<html:link  page="/" paramId = "<% = index1 %>">
<bean:message key="edit.lineitems"/>
inside the logic:iterate tag

is paramId generating an index value if so how do i track/fetch it and at
the same time
if we use indexed then what should be the value of indexed attribute

do we have a clear cut solution for this scenarion...any links or resources

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