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From "Peter Pilgrim" <>
Subject Re: Expresso, Tiles and Multiple Controlers
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2002 09:41:46 GMT

You will have to look at the source code for both Tiles and Expresso ActionServlets.
The short answer for Struts 1.0 is to merge the two ActionServlets.

However, you can use Tiles with the ExpressoActionServlet if you forgo using
Tiles Definitions. You only need the Tiles ActionComponentServlet if you
are using definitions and want to action forward to a definition.

Also the Struts 1.1 nightly development has been changed.
A new strategy of multiple applications will make redundant any
merged Tiles and Expresso ActionServlets. I think there is going
to be Request processor of some sort. Not sure what is means, though.

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From: "John Menke" <> on 31/01/2002 15:29 EST

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To:   "Struts" <>
Subject:  Expresso, Tiles and Multiple Controlers

I would like to use Expresso with Tiles.  Looking into the Struts resources
section I found an entry for Multiple Controllers.  This appears to be what
is needed to get Expresso and Tiles working together.  As per another
previous post on the list:

From: Peter Georgiou
Subject: Using tiles and expresso
Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2001 09:14:50 -0800


My question regards using struts with tiles and expresso.   For tiles I need
to define in web.xml:

org.apache.struts.tiles.ActionComponentServlet       and for expresso I need
to define in web.xml:


If I want to use both Tiles and Expresso what can I do to include both of
the required Action classes.  The only way I can think of is to include the
implementation of one within the other.  I'm ion.assuming that I can only
use one Action servlet within an applicat




Can the "multiple controllers" strategy be used to handle this:

Here is an excerpt from the README on Multiple Controllers


Include the context attribute with the value of an action servlet name (from
the <servlet-name> tag in the web.xml file) in the Struts custom tags that
are affected by the fact that there are more than one action servlet in the
web application. For simplicity, you can make sure to use the
<struts-html:html> tag in all of your JSP pages and specify the context
attribute for just that tag so that it will be global to all Struts tags
inside the pages (e.g., <struts-html:html context="TestActionServlet">).


So maybe for tiles tags I could  use

<tiles: insert context="ActionComponentServlet">

And the expresso tags would be the default context.

Using this I think all the Tiles tags would have to be made multiple context
aware.  It might be better to create an Action Servlet that combines the
properties of both  ActionComponentServlet and  ExpressoActionServlet as
stated by others on the list.

Anyone have any ideas on how to achieve this integration?


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