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Subject Re: Request scope question again...
Date Mon, 25 Feb 2002 21:56:07 GMT

Hi Dave:

I am very sorry again to keep asking questions about this.     I think I am
"finally" starting to understand...   But please pardon my ignorance.

If you have the following scenario where all is defined as "request" scope:

1.   The user hits the submit button on FORM A and FORM A's  action
forwards to FORM B (which has input fields and another submit button).
2.   The User hits FORM B's submit button which throws back a report (in

Are we looking at 2 different requests in the above scenario (request 1
ending when FORM B comes up    and request 2 ending when the report data
comes back?).     If we are looking at 2 different requests, that could
explain the problem I am having.

Is the "submit" action per-se (which calls another action when the submit
button is hit) the "end-all" of each request?


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Yes. As I understand it, as long as the Action classes are performing
forwards rather than redirects it will all be handled on the server side in
the same request. It is only when a response is returned to the browser
the request will be ended. On the other hand, if a redirect is performed,
that is done by sending a response to the browser which somehow tells tells
the browser to request a different page. I don't know how this works
exactly, could be a header, but I really don't know.

The thing to keep in mind though is that a 'request' consists of the
requesting a resource from the server, and the server responding back to
browser. Whatever happens on the server, no matter how many resources or
Actions process that request, it is all the same request until the response
is returned to the browser.

Glad to be able to help.

Dave D
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Subject: Re: Request scope question again...

> Hi Dave:
> thanks so much.   This is helping.   I "think" I know the answer to this
> question but can you verify this with me:
> - Based on what you said:
> > Request scope changes when the browser makes a request of the server.
> Does this mean that "invoking an http request to bring up a JSP page or
> HTML page will start a brand new request?".   And if the entry point JSP
> page (say http://localhost:8080/test/login.jsp) calls actions (that can
> "forward to other jsp pages") that call other actions (that can "forward
> other jsp pages") that call other actions (that can "forward to other jsp
> pages") and so forth, that all of those actions (regardless of how many
> pages were brought up in those actions "ActionForward" mappings) are all
> part of the same request (which could have been something like
> http://localhost:8080/test/login.jsp)
> thanks so much,
> Theron

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