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From "Jonathan Gibbons" <>
Subject RE: Java Trivia
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2002 14:02:23 GMT

Java doesn't have pointers!  Just mudying the waters, or was it serious?  If so sorry.

Think of it as chucking water over someone, as opposed to passing them a cup of water.  Thats
pretty similar.

or, um, having someone talk to you, rather than pass you a piece of paper. hmmm.


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From: "Galbreath, Mark" <> on 01/02/2002 08:48 EST

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To:   "'Mikkel Bruun'" <>; "Struts (E-mail)"     <>
Subject:  RE: Java Trivia

Obviously, the first is passed by value, but the second?  We know p will
reference the same object it referenced before the method invocation - the
memory location it points to is the same.  Because p will always point to
the same memory location, is it not also passed by value?


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From: Mikkel Bruun []
Sent: Friday, February 01, 2002 8:44 AM


primitives vs ojbects???

by value or by ref...

whats the point??

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From: Galbreath, Mark
To: Struts (E-mail); J2ee (E-mail)

What's the difference between

int i = 3;
someMethod( i);


Point p = new Point( 3, 3);
someOtherMethod( p);



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