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From "Jimenez Daniel" <>
Subject Re: datasource management
Date Mon, 18 Feb 2002 14:44:51 GMT
  Use the Websphere datasource!!!  I've had a plethora of stability
problems when it came to using the struts datasource on websphere.  I've
defined my datasource in struts for client development only.  And do,
you don't miss out on any features of struts if you use datasource
management separate from struts.  As a matter of fact you'd lose the
datasource tracking feature available from websphere.  It just doesn't
make sense not to use the websphere datasource.


>>> 2/15/02 7:48:45 AM >>>
What is the benefit of configuring datasources in the struts-config.xml


My meaning is, I am adapting my existing webapp to use struts. 
I replaced my home-grown controller because struts has many more
like token and validation.

But, I'm not sure I gain by replacing my home-grown "datasource
I am using WebSphere, so presumably I don't need pool man.  Datasources
defined in a property file (not xml, but good enough) and are cached. 
also like the idea of having datasources defined in a separate file.

Am I over-looking something?  Will I miss out on some features if I
datasource management separate from struts classes?


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