Well, I got no reply the first time I posted this, but then that was on a Friday, so here goes again. I am trying to create a table of radio buttons. Each row looks something like: Required Exempt Done Gate O O * Repository Link where the "O" represents an unchecked radio button and the "*" represents a check one. I have an ArrayList of beans. Each bean has a status string field and a gate string field, where status is always one of "REQUIRED", "EXEMPT", or "DONE". My table displays properly, and I can change which radio button is selected. However, when I make a change to one of the radio buttons and submit my form, the list I get back is identical to the one I sent in. Below is what's in my jsp:
Required Exempt Done Gate
In my action class I have request.getSession().setAttribute(Constants.PROJECT_PROCESS_GATE_LIST,ppgLis t); After I submit my form I get the list back, in my action, with: ppgList = (ArrayList) request.getSession().getAttribute(Constants.PROJECT_PROCESS_GATE_LIST); Why is this list identical to when it was sent in? -- Larry Maturo lmaturo@athensgroup.com -- To unsubscribe, e-mail: For additional commands, e-mail: