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From "Steve Muench" <>
Subject Re: Anyone Using Struts with JDeveloper9i and/or BC4J?
Date Wed, 24 Apr 2002 17:56:27 GMT
| I've actually used the Oracle products Steve mentions below. I was working
| on a project where we had Oracle as the backend db and we used JDeveloper
| on the project. I've seen the BC4J and have built sample things with them,
| but haven't taken anything production with them. BC4J seems like a good O/R
| Mapping tool - though it may be more than that.

Here's a pretty good overview of what BC4J does:

| If you're using the Oracle DB, JDeveloper is probably a good choice. I
| heard it was based on JBuilder to begin with.

We did just win three awards (first prize) from JavaPro:
Best Database Tool for Java, Best Java Database Application Tool,
and Best Java Optimization Tool. 

Our previous major release (JDeveloper 3.2.3) still had
a little bit of Borland code left in it from when we licensed
JBuilder 5 years ago, but our new JDeveloper9i release
(just about to go production) bears no relationship to
the Borland product or its code. 

Steve Muench - Developer, Product Mgr, Evangelist, Author
JDeveloper9i -
Building Oracle XML Apps,

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