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From "Steve Muench" <>
Subject Re: Anyone Using Struts with JDeveloper9i and/or BC4J?
Date Wed, 24 Apr 2002 22:44:01 GMT
| Presently i use the BC4J API with Struts to develop a web application,
| that's work's fine, but not very easy to develop, i hope this new products
| will release this summer.

Not a new product, per se, just the next point release
of our existing JDeveloper9i product. :-)

Can you give me (offlist is fine) some overview of how you work
today with Struts and BC4J ?

Do you use struts tags or BC4J data-tags to render your pages?

Do you introduce extra Beans, or use the BC4J Rows directly?

Have you built BC4J-specific actions?

Getting some details into what you've done today
will help me understand how we can make it easier.

| Will this new product offer some wizards to help make struts development
| faster?


Steve Muench - Developer, Product Mgr, Evangelist, Author
Simplify J2EE and EJB Development with BC4J
Building Oracle XML Apps,

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