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From Rick R <>
Subject How to have two form fields populate the labelProperty of the options tag?
Date Fri, 19 Apr 2002 19:52:16 GMT
(first, I apologize for whenver this mail ends up getting there from another address. Our work
server is not getting our e-mail out correctly so at some point this message might be duplicated
from another address)

How do I use the options tag and display a value that is a combination of more than one bean
field? For example, below I not only want to display the bean property "lastName" but also
"fistName" so a sample option tag would look like in the source:


What I have so far which works fine for just displaying last name is...

<html:select styleClass="field" property="rvpID" value="ALL" multiple="6">
  <html:options collection="rvpsList" property="id" labelProperty="lastName"/>

How do I change the above so that labelProperty is also lastName and firstName?  I've looked
through the list archives but can't bring up information related to this. Maybe this isn't
even possible and I'll have to use the iterate tag over my collection and then make the option
names from bean:write tags ??


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