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From Joe Osowski <>
Subject Tab Libraries? Bah!
Date Wed, 24 Apr 2002 19:14:50 GMT
This kind of thing has really bothered me about Tag libs.  The whole point
of them is to keep HTML code as simple and clean as possible right?  

But if you have to break down and use the <%%> snippets inline, does it not
make the whole process self defeating?  In my mind using <%%> snippets and
tag libraries is more confusing then just using snippets alone, spaghetti
code be damned. 

We're trying to take the programmer out of the equation, but as long as the
tag libraries are implemented half ass, your not going to do anything but
make the whole process more confusing and frustrating.



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From: Galbreath, Mark []
Sent: Wednesday, April 24, 2002 2:44 PM
To: 'Struts Users Mailing List'
Subject: RE: html:select how to use it?

Here's a simple example of how I retrieve a List of years to populate a
dropdown list:

<html:select property="ccExpYear" styleId="ccExpYear">
  <html:option value="0">Year</html:option>
  <logic:iterate id="expYear" name="listExpYears" scope="session">
    <html:option value="<%= ( String) expYear %>">
       <%= expYear %>

1.  The html:select property is a property in your bean, if one exists.
2.  styleId is just the HTML reference if you want to get a value with, say
3.  The first html:option is the default "selected" option that displays.
4.  The logic:iterate id is arbitrary but required to reference the list's
5.  iterate name is the name of my ArrayList of years that I assigned to a
    attribute in my action class:

   List listExpYears = new ArrayList();
   for( int k = 1; k < 11; k++) {
         listExpYears.add(( new Integer( 2000 + 
             Calendar.getInstance().YEAR + k))
         "listExpYears", listExpYears);

6. In html:option value, remember to cast the List objects to strings as
Struts is expecting a string.

Easy as pie, eh?


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From: Roshan Paiva []
Sent: Wednesday, April 24, 2002 3:17 PM

> Hi...
> Could anyone pls tell me how to populate a dropdown list using struts
> tag libraries.
> I have an arraylist of databeans.. The dropdown list should skim
> through each item in the arraylist and take the value of
> databean.getFirstValue() (or the firstValue property of the data
> bean). I believe the tag is html:select. However I am not certain on
> how to use it.
> Kind Regards
> Roshan

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