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Subject Re: Logic inside iterate tag
Date Thu, 18 Apr 2002 18:54:51 GMT

Just posted an example on this - lots in the archive.  Basically don't want t
use iterate at all.  In your form bean load a collection with beans with label
and value attributes, and then use the html:options tag.

Much cleaner!!



PS  Don't forget the bean:define if you are not using html:optionCollection tag.

"Juan Alvarado \(Struts List\)"
<> on 04/18/2002 02:15:01 PM

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Subject:  Logic inside iterate tag

Can anyone tell me what the proper way to convert the scriptlets in the
below code to the correspoding struts tags.

Since I am working with a two dimensional array here, I am sort of confused
as to how to integrate it with the struts tags.  Any help with this is
greatly appreciated.

<html:select property="dateRangeMonthFrom">
     <logic:iterate id="calendar" name="mc" property="months" scope="session">
          <% String[] dateRangeMonthFrom = (String[])calendar; %>
          <html:option value="<%=dateRangeMonthFrom[1]%>"><%=

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