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From Jeffrey Bonevich <>
Subject Re: Tab Libraries? Bah!
Date Wed, 24 Apr 2002 21:39:05 GMT
Craig R. McClanahan wrote:

> At the end of the day, *somebody* has to ultimately render HTML if a web
> browser is your client -- whether it is the page developer writing it by
> hand or some dynamic component that is doing part of the rendering for
> you.  Whether it's JSP or not is hardly the issue.
> Personally, I'd much rather have my page designers learn one custom tag
> that does a bunch of the grunt work for you rather than having to
> tediously code that same work by hand every time they need that kind of
> output.
> For example, folks using Struts tags like <html:link> don't have to worry
> about:
> * URL rewriting so sessions work even without cookies.
> * Resolving application-relative URLs so that they work no matter
>   what the context path is (and what sub-app you are in if you
>   are using Struts 1.1).
> * Dynamically assembling query string parameters for the request URL,
>   complete with URL encoding of special characters embedded in those
>   values.
> Doing this kind of stuff requires some dynamic processing somewhere.  If
> you consider rendering HTML in tags is evil, feel free to code <a> tags by
> hand ... but don't come to me when a session gets dropped on a cookie-less
> client because the page developer forgot to URL rewrite on one link out of
> the hundreds in your app :-).
> Craig

Rubbish!  I work with graphics designers.  They barely know HTML.  Now 
you want them to remember 40 other tags?  Replace standard HTML tags 
with html:blah tags?  These people have enough difficulty turning on 
their computers, let alone understanding the intricacies of HTML coding. 
  I have gotten very used to a templating system with 6 additional tags 
(if-else conditionals, iteration, include, get a value, put a value, 
aliasing variables).  That's it.  No XML doc typing, no tag lib 
descriptors, no hidden processing in tag classes, etc.  Graphics folks 
can produce plain old HTML pages, bust them up into subtemplates, add a 
few easily understood tags, and wallah!  What's more, the pages render 
nicely in a plain old browser (sans dynamic content of course).  I don't 
think JSP can do that.  Sorry, but I like to keep things simple.  If 
your biggest hassle is getting links to go to the correct location, fire 
the friggin' programmer, hire someone who knows how to do 
object-oriented programming, and be done with it.


Jeffrey Bonevich
Ann Arbor, Michigan

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