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From Jeffrey Bonevich <>
Subject Re: Tab Libraries? Bah!
Date Wed, 24 Apr 2002 23:04:07 GMT
Tero P Paananen wrote:

>>>>Rubbish!  I work with graphics designers.  They barely know 
>>>>HTML.  Now  you want them to remember 40 other tags?
>>>That's why you hire people with HTML/creative
>>>development skills.
>>>Or invest in training the designers.
>>Yeah, sure.  Any problem can be solved if we throw enough 
>>money at it, 
>>right?  It does not matter if it is architecturally bad, just 
>>hire more 
>>people to work around it.  Good idea.  Seems like that has 
>>worked for a 
>>lot of big companies...
> Well, your existing approach seems to be causing you
> problems. You can spend months researching alternative
> approaches, or you hire people with appropriate
> skillsets.
> Or you can continue complaining about your current
> situation.

No complaints from me.  Designers do very well learning a simple tag 
set; programmers can focus on good design and coding.

> 				-TPP
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Jeffrey Bonevich
Ann Arbor, Michigan

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