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From Danilo Luiz Rheinheimer <>
Subject JForms / Struts Console
Date Tue, 23 Apr 2002 21:29:01 GMT
At 13:55 23/4/2002 -0700, you wrote:
>Subject: [ANN] JForms - a visual tool for Struts-based Web forms
>From: "Dave Barber" <>
>  ===
>Announcing SolanaSoft JForms, a visual tool for rapid creation of
>Struts-based Web forms.  JForms let you define the properties to capture in
>a form, along with data types, and basic validation, then generates all of
>the required Struts actions, forms, JSPs, application resources, error
>messages, and configuration files.  Finally, JForms compiles, packages, and
>deploys a WAR file to an embedded Tomcat app server for easy testing of the
>Its currently in beta, and we're still looking for a few volunteers to try
>it out.
>There is an online demonstration available at the website, and you can send
>an email to to sign up for the beta program.

   I saw the online demo and I think this kind of tool is very useful.
   But I think this tool (as Struts Console) must be very integrated with 
the IDE to be really good.
   On JForm the demo talks about create a WAR file and do the deployment. I 
do not think this is the function of this tool. The IDE must do it. Even 
because create the form is just the begin of the job. After this you must 
create the code to forward the submited data, interate with the database 
and so on.
   The ideal tool to do this can be just like Struts console + some wizards 
to create forms (like JForms do) + better integration with the IDE.
   I use Struts Console in JBuilder but I feel a lack of integration with 
the IDE. For example on the type property of the forms beans I need to type 
my form class. Could be nice if I have a button to do the search of classes 
on my project.
   Of course to do it Struts must know about the classes avaliable on the 
project, so it must have some kind of callback functions to the IDE. But 
this can be implemented in a generic way so people can write this plugins 
to the IDE of choice.
   I know the creator of Struts console is a subscriber of this list so 
what he think about this idea ?

Danilo Luiz Rheinheimer
Florianopolis/SC Brasil

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