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From "Joseph Barefoot" <>
Subject RE: Tab Libraries? Bah!
Date Wed, 24 Apr 2002 22:41:40 GMT
> Graphics folks
> can produce plain old HTML pages, bust them up into subtemplates, add a
> few easily understood tags, and wallah!  What's more, the pages render
> nicely in a plain old browser (sans dynamic content of course).  I don't
> think JSP can do that.  Sorry, but I like to keep things simple.  If
> your biggest hassle is getting links to go to the correct location, fire
> the friggin' programmer, hire someone who knows how to do
> object-oriented programming, and be done with it.
> jeff

So, the "friggin' programmer" is supposed to do URL-rewriting on links in
pages that the "graphics folks" have produced, after the fact?  I must be
misunderstanding you, as that doesn't seem like a very efficient work-flow
to me.  And pages rendering "sans dynamic content"?  Would it surprise you
to learn that *most* of each of our pages is rendered from dynamic content,
with custom branding of various components based on who the user type?
There would be very little to see "sans dynamic content", I assure you.
What about internationalization of the content, is this handled by the
template mechanism you describe?

I believe that the template mechanism you endorse is appropriate for sites
that are content-heavy and intended for english-speaking audiences, but for
complex web applications, it falls well short of the mark.  I am certainly
no bedfellow of Struts/JSP, they are just two tools that happen to get the
job done.  Show me others that work better and I will beat a path to your

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