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From "ADH" <>
Subject RE: I killed the (tom)cat
Date Wed, 24 Apr 2002 15:48:08 GMT
Aha! I knew I was right (about my doing something stupid that is!)
lol. Yep. You are entirely correct. I was able to replicate it by selecting
some text just as you said and then on deselecting again and *zap* the page
comes up! I never realised it could be something so simple.
Thanks Ian :-)

Think I'll take this as my queue to get some sleep! ((23:30 here, and I have
to be up at 05:30 to go to the ANZAC day dawn service and still got to meet
the ol'man at the airport before I sleep!) I really need to install myself
on a platform that supports multithreading I think)! Glad Im on leave

homo.sapiens.brain.LackOfSleepException Programmer.writeTag() threw
at developer.Programmer.workOvertime()
----- Root Cause -----

...still bothered about why I cant get that bean. Next time methinks....

-----Original Message-----
From: Ian Tomey []
Sent: Wednesday, April 24, 2002 23:32
Subject: Re: I killed the (tom)cat

if you click on a console window with it selected you start to select
text to copy to the clipboard. press enter to clear 'select' mode. apps
will be blocked until you exit that mode

>>> 04/24/02 04:28pm >>>
Im still new to struts so Ive yet to encounter most of the 'gotchas'
involved, but this problem seems a bit 'unusual'.
Ive got a custom tag (intended to be similar to the html:text field tag
with some options to make my life easier generating my html forms)
which is
trying to obtain the action form bean from the request scope (with the
intent of obtaining a field property to populate an html input
Its failing on the call to get the bean and throwing an exception in
method that does this. I catch this exception inside the method and
it, but somewhere after this point tomcat (4.0.3, running standalone
win2k) is dying (but not always. (such as right now when im trying to
more info to add to my post. sigh...)). The batch file window changes
read "Select Tomcat" and attempts to load pages in the browser just
hang. No
exceptions are reported in the log, or the batch file window (other
than my
"nobean" line).
Im probably just doing something stupid somewhere , however my brain is
at peak efficiency right now (Ive done 110 hours in the last 10 days.
much for XPs 40hr week!) so I figured Id ask if anyone here has any
idea why
it might do this?

BeanName is Constants.BEAN_KEY
getName() returns the name of the property in the action form bean

private String getValue()
    String bN = getBeanName();
    if(bN == null) return "";
    Object bean = pageContext.getRequest().getAttribute(bN);
      String value = (String)PropertyUtils.getSimpleProperty(bean,
      if(value != null)
        return value;
        return "";
    catch(Exception e)
      return "";
	//somewhere after here tomcat is tomcatatonic...

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