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From "Wellie W. Chao" <>
Subject Tricky javascript problem performing programmatic form submit with struts
Date Sat, 06 Apr 2002 16:22:28 GMT
I spent a good hour hunting down the source of my problem with trying to
programmatically submit a form and thought I'd share the solution for others
who are using struts. I wanted to have a select list automatically cause its
containing form to submit when the value of the select list changed. This is
useful for simple sorts or subsearches in a search result list.

In my JSP page, I had the following code:

<html:select property="mySelectName"
  <html:options name="mySelectOptionCollection">

I kept getting "Object doesn't support this property or method" from my
browser. Finally I figured out that by default, struts gives <html:submit/>
tags a name of "submit". Thus there was a namespace collision in the form
object, with the submit button overriding the form's submit method. I fixed
the problem by changing the name of the submit button. Something like this
works great:

<html:submit property="submitProperty" value="The Label I Want"/>

Perhaps the default name for submit buttons could be changed in struts in
the future to avoid such namespace collisions, especially with very standard
methods and properties like form.submit?

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