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Subject RE: html:messages
Date Fri, 14 Jun 2002 13:55:20 GMT

Hey that worked...  (Needed to do both parts)

I was thinking the <html:message> tag would function alot like the 
<html:errors> tag.  Why would it not work the same?

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On Thursday, June 13, 2002, 6:22:54 PM, 

wEBc> ----------------ACTION CODE---------------------------
wEBc> ActionMessages amsgs = new ActionMessages();                
wEBc> ActionMessage am = new 
wEBc> amsgs.add(ActionMessages.GLOBAL_MESSAGE,am);
wEBc> request.setAttribute(Action.MESSAGE_KEY, amsgs); 
wEBc> return (mapping.findForward("continue"));                

           request.setAttribute(Action.MESSAGE_KEY, amsgs);
           saveMessages( request, amsgs );

     If the above doesn't help then try in the jsp page:

    <html:messages id="message" message="true">
        <bean:write name="message"/><BR>

    I'm new to using the messages myself, so probably someone else can
    help out more, but I know the above works for me.



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