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From "Barbara Post" <>
Subject html:text and ActionForm
Date Fri, 21 Jun 2002 09:40:51 GMT

Since the ActionForm resets my input jsp (a form with 2 text fields and a
select), I'd like to save the input fields' values in a bean (what I did)
and set it as session's attribute.

Now suppose one input field is empty, ActionForm creates an ActionErrors,
then finForwards back to the initial input jsp.

If I use bean:write with ignore="true" I see that the value is correctly
My problem is : how to get the (text) input field filled with my bean's
property ?

I cannot nest html:text and bean:write.
I just don't want to use scriptlets.

Thanks for any help.

on my jsp :

<input id="company" name="company" size="15" tabindex="1" value=""> so I
used request.getParameterValues("company")[0];

now :
<html:text name="aif" property="st[0]">

since my bean aif has the following attributes : st[i], i being an integer.
How would my ActionForm get the value entered in my input field since it
won't use httpServletRequest ? (or do I misunderstand ?).

Now I get (struts 1.1) :
org.apache.jasper.compiler.ParseException: End of content reached while more
parsing required: tag nesting error?

My goal is to get my input fields filled with what the user entered, along
with the error messages <html:errors/> indicating incorrect (empty) fields,
after return of ActionForm/Action.



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