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From "Danny Mui" <>
Subject Websphere / Request Dispatcher include problems (Tip)
Date Sat, 22 Jun 2002 17:02:29 GMT
If you receive the problem below with Websphere, upgrade to 4.03.
Crossposting to any other WAS users that might come up against this wall.


This code works fine on tomcat 4.03 but that doesn't matter since
we're deploying to Websphere 4.0 :)

I'm currently using struts and in order to create an "includeable"
action where I can run java code before the JSP is load. Below is the
snippet of code that the kind people of apache provided and I adjusted
to fit in my app.

windows 2000
websphere 4.02


        RequestDispatcher rd =

        if (rd == null) {
                 messages.getMessage("include.rd", path));
            return (null);

        //prepare variables for include
        this.executeAction(mapping, form, request, response);

        // Forward control to the specified resource
        rd.include(request, response);


the path requested: http://localhost/do/project/header
*(/do is a servlet mapping)

the jsp to be included: /project/project-header.jsp

debugging info:
the path variable in the code: /project/project-header.jsp
the request dispatcher comes out correctly, and Websphere spits out:

Error 404: JSPG0113E: JSP file
(The system cannot find the path specified)" not found

I have a feeling that requestdispatcher appends the path_info to the
included url?  how can I get around this?  thanks for any help.

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