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Subject Re: Design Advice - Relational Databases & Java Objects
Date Thu, 06 Jun 2002 13:55:02 GMT
Subject: Re: Design Advice - Relational Databases & Java Objects
From: Jeff Duska <>
I think this is the point that Vic was making. The transaction that you 
will thinking of in the application might not nicely map to simple DAO 
objects. While I might have Order and Order Items in the database, I 
must like might not want to have two seperate DAO objects. I might 
create just a Order object, which has a collection of items.

I think approaches, if I understand them, Martin Fowler recommends the 
Transaction Scripts design pattern or you could use a data mapping design.

Another way to do this is command pattern that Bruce Tate uses in his 
Bitter Java. My only concern with this design was that seemed to offer 
less reuse. I'm only have half way through books, so maybe I've missed a 
section on this.

What would be nice to find more examples that explain both the pros and 
cons. Vic has placed is project out there on Basebeans, but I'm not sure 
that this covered in it. I haven't looked at in detail yet.


Jeff Duska

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