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Subject Newbie: pass ResultSet to JSP?
Date Fri, 21 Jun 2002 13:25:02 GMT
Subject: Newbie: pass ResultSet to JSP?
From: "David Chu" <>
I am trying to get my head around this struts framework for the first time.
I am confused about the best/standard way to access data from a JSP.

- Let's say I want a page list_items.jsp.
- I have access to a bean that has a method that returns the results of a
database query as a ResultSet object.
- How should I iterate through the rows of the bean?
- Complication: my jsp complains that the ResultSet object has been closed
(because I closed the query)

Is this the prefered encapsulator of data that I should be accessing through
my JSP?  Hopefully I can use the <struts-logic:iterate> tag.

Thanks for helping out a new struts developer!


David C. Chu
America Online
Network Tools Intern

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