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From Matthew Lehrian <>
Subject Re: database maintainance tool
Date Mon, 24 Jun 2002 13:13:28 GMT
Well, it won't generate JSP's, but it will convert between XML schema, 
database (DDL) and data objects (Java objects wrapping tables).  It's 
called Visual Business Sight Framework (VBSF) from  You can build your own templates for Java 
object and DDL generation.  It's not opensource, and there is a cost for 
the runtime, but you can d/l the tool and use it for free (well, 
technically, I haven't read the license agreement, so maybe you can't 
technically use it for free :-).

In addition, again more focused on the O/R side, is DMLDataAccess, which 
has a Java GUI modeling tool and will generate database (DDL), data 
objects, and I think XML schema.  Also it provides a persistence engine 
similar to Apple's EOF.  I've spoken with David about open-sourcing 
DMLDataAccess.  He's on the fence, but I know he's been looking at the 
various opensource licenses.  An encouraging email might do the trick.

Good luck.

On Monday, June 24, 2002, at 08:55  AM, Adolfo Miguelez wrote:

> Does anyone knows a Open Source project or tool for database to 
> maintain tables in a database, which generate java classes wrapping the 
> tables and, also the necesary JSPs. A know that SIMPER wraps simple 
> tables to dynabeans, but I do not if there is something that integrates 
> also the presentation layer.
> Just a pointer would be enough,
> thanks in advance,
> Adolfo
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