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From Adam Hardy <>
Subject Re: Nested Tags question
Date Fri, 14 Jun 2002 05:50:06 GMT
Hi there,
I'll take a look at it this weekend. I don't get your reference to no 
session objects.

As far as the problem goes concerning setting against valid indices, my 
code does that simply enough using a check against ArrayList.size() and 
the index from the request parameter - if the size is too small, I just 
add new objects - 3 lines of code. This is all in a for loop, which 
could recurse - presumably what your commons wrapper does. Guess I'll 
find out.

All the best

Arron Bates wrote:

> Adam,
> Back to the old "want lists, but no session objects" issue. It's a 
> common problem these days. It's hard to get the list model working 
> nicely without "knowing" how big the list is going to be so that 
> objects can be set against valid indexes.
> The post you speek of in the archives is that I've made a collections 
> wrapps in the commons project which will wrap collections so that they 
> can expand by definition when the request comes in with indexed or 
> mapped properties.
> I'm cutting a short tutorial on it ("how to make funky complex form 
> models leaving the session object in the closet"), should be finished 
> in the next few days. It should help a lot of people. Most people end 
> up with indexed lists, but it's hard to get them working properly on 
> the back end. It's not just a nested tags thing.
> If you don't mind wading through code and having a go at the 
> collections wrapper with nothing but javadoc (good javadoc though :)...

> Arron.
> Adam Hardy wrote:
>> Hi Down Under,
>> thanks for the reply. I figured that the form properties setting 
>> thing must be struts, after checking out the JSP spec. JSP does do a 
>> certain amount of it though, since you can specify a tag in your jsp 
>> and say parameters="*" - and JSP will match any parameters in the 
>> request to methods on the tag's bean.
>> Anyway sorry for sounding like such a dumbass but I've been through 
>> your tutorials. For the display, I've got the nested tags sussed - 
>> it's for the save on submit that I'm having problems. It's one of 
>> those aggravating problems that I can't pin down so it's difficult to 
>> ask the right questions.
>> I've actually hacked out some code to stuff the request parameters 
>> into the bean structure by hand in the form's validate method. 
>> Obviously I'd like to do it automatically but I had to get the app 
>> working. To try to sort out what I've done wrong, I'll strip it back 
>> to the simplest bare bones and take it from there.
>> What I can't work out from playing with your SavingMonkey demo is how 
>> struts gets the request parameters into beans inside each other 
>> inside the formbean. Is it necessary to instantiate the right amount 
>> of empty beans first? I see SavingMonkey instantiates everything on 
>> construction.
>> When saving request parameters to the beans in the formbean, does 
>> struts call the beans' getter methods to get the ArrayLists and 
>> beans? I can't see how else it would get access the setter methods on 
>> the deeper nested beans.
>> Thanks for your help. I did see a message in the archives here but I 
>> can't find it again, where you were talking about changes awaiting 
>> acceptance in CVS - is that just stuff that is now incorporated into 
>> struts 1.1? I'm using 1.0.2
>> All the best,
>> Adam
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