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From Arron Bates <>
Subject Re: Struts\CORBA
Date Wed, 19 Jun 2002 16:04:00 GMT
I've used Struts and CORBA, though not in the same app. But the theory 
is more than sound.

The marshaling is a whole part of the deal. The tags aren't used 
directly against result sets from databases, so using the objects direct 
from CORBA wouldn't be done either.

With that said, you *could* use the objects directly coming back from 
the CORBA call  :)
It's just that you're working more with the primitive collections of the 
IDL and such rather than the higher level java collections. If all 
you're doing is displaying the data, then this will be just fine.

If you're managing beans and such, then it's recommended that you 
marshal and keep a business layer of objects separate to data you pass 
in and out of a display oriented data structure. This is marshaling, but 
it's the recommended way to keep everything neatly in its own domain of 
the MVC.

CORBA's a good a match as any other system we plug into.

And you're right on the XSL thing. Enormous performance hit.


Heligon Sandra wrote:

>	Hi,
>	If the struts application gets data from an application server
>through CORBA,
>	what is the best way to display data ?
>	If I use JSP/taglibrary/JavaBean I must create JavaBean instance and
>fill it from
>	data CORBA interfaces. 
>	It looks not very good to redefine object classes, isn't it ?
>	Is the Servlet/XML/XSL solution better ? I believe that this
>solution is not so time-performant. 
>	If someone has an experience of Struts/CORBA application, I am very
>	Thanks a lot in advance.
>	Sandra
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