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From "Frost, Howard" <>
Subject RE: Need Advice using templates with Struts
Date Thu, 06 Jun 2002 15:25:10 GMT

Found the solution:

   <bean:include id="folioViewPaint" page="/"/>
   <bean:write name="folioViewPaint" filter="false"/>


My HTML pages are made up of small rectangles of data which get reused
around the web site.  Each rectangle is painted from a bean.  Ideally, there
would be a paint action associated with each rectangle which populates this
bean and forwards to the jsp page for rendering the rectangle.  So far so

To compose a given page, I would like to use <jsp:include> and/or struts
templating tags.  The 'page' for the include however need to be the paint
action rather than the jsp page so the bean is available.  But this
generates an IllegalStateException (in Tomcat4.0).  I do not want the action
for the top level page to be responsible for filling all the beans for all
the composite rectangles.  These rectangles are nested and cna change over
time.  Any suggestions?

This renders FolioViewFrag.jsp but the bean does not get populated:

     <jsp:include page="FolioViewFrag.jsp"/>

This fails with IllegalStateException:

     <jsp:include page="/" />  <!-- Struts action which
fills bean and forwards to FolioViewFrag.jsp -->

Tomcat exception:

     java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cannot forward after response has been

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