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From micael <>
Subject RE: If you haven't seen this yet.
Date Fri, 21 Jun 2002 16:30:50 GMT
Calling the use of Flash "script[ing]" is like calling the use of gif or 
jpeg images "scripting".  Don't confuse the superficialities of the 
plugin-html with the real product.  Using Flash is not really unlike using 
a pgeg or a gif image, except that it has a lot more to offer.  In images, 
Flash is to a jpeg what object-oriented programming is to procedural 
programming.  A class is a data type that can be used to manipulate 
data.  Flash, similarly, is an image type that can be used to manipulate 
images.  It is what can be inside the Flash that is exciting.  The script 
is unimportant.  To think of Flash as scripting is akin to thinking of 
object-oriented programming as the "stuff inside main".  By the way, not 
that it matters, but a somewhat ironic detail of English grammar is that 
"attention-to-detail" is not correct.  I personally would prefer a coder 
who knew what Flash was, as opposed to a coder who is intimate with 
Dalmations. ///;-)

At 07:04 AM 6/21/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>I guess Flash scripters don't know the difference between a Dalmation and a
>Black Lab, huh?  That's the kind of attention-to-detail I'd be looking for!
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>Mark, I thought you'd like this one :-)
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