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From "Galbreath, Mark" <>
Subject RE: They killed Kenny!
Date Sat, 22 Jun 2002 10:55:19 GMT
Yeah,'s Saturday AM and I'm now sitting on 81 hours with the
whole day ahead of me.   And then I get to start all over again tomorrow.
At least I'm paid by the hour and I leave for London, Brussels and Amsterdam
for 10 glorious beer-drinking days a week from this Tuesday!  (I Plan to
have lunch with Nic Ferrier from servlet-interest in London's West End on
the 3rd.)


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From: Andrew Hill []
Sent: Saturday, June 22, 2002 12:53 AM

72 eh?

Well you may have beaten me so far this week Galbreath but I too have
Saturday and Sunday to go and I am but a few hours behind you! <laugh

(Went home before midnight a couple of times this week. Guess Im going soft
and getting slack?)

Done 81 last week...

And 83 the week before that...

And 88 a week or two before that one...

Ah the fun life of a programmer.
Suppose it could be worse. We could be doctors...

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From: Galbreath, Mark []
Sent: Friday, June 21, 2002 19:49

Happy Friday (just passing 72 hours for this week now...),

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