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From "Kamholz, Keith (corp-staff) USX" <>
Subject RE: UML? File organization?
Date Fri, 21 Jun 2002 14:34:21 GMT
I'm just finishing my first smallish struts app, and the first struts app
deployed by the company.  I'ld be interested in hearing your ideas about
package structure.  For now, I just use and for my Bean and Action classes, respectively.  It seems
to facilitate the MVC separation that we all work toward quite well.  I
don't have too many classes right now, so its not a big deal yet.  For
larger applications it could definititely make a difference in headache
severity though.

Keith Kamholz
East Aurora, NY
(716) 687-7282

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Friday, June 21, 2002 10:34 AM
Subject: UML? File organization?

I have been playing with UML and trying to find a good way to do the 
upfront design of a struts based application.  Has anyone done this 
already and have any suggestions?  I know the use-cases can pretty much 
stay the same...

I am also putting together a document on the best way to go about 
struturing your directories under struts...  If anyone has any 
suggestions I would love to hear it...

I already have stuff like JSPs under the WEB-INF and stuff.  I am trying 
to work out the best way to organize all the packages in the src 

Should they be by purpose of the objects like (conventional theory)


or more along the lines of struts:;

We've got two small projects done wth struts and the next ones will be 
more complex so I want to get the best practices down (I've printed and 
read the husted site a few times already)

Any thoughts would be great - and I will drop the document out here when 
its done 

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