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From "Daniel J. D'Cotta" <>
Subject File Upload/Download Issues
Date Fri, 14 Jun 2002 11:42:49 GMT

I have 3 Questions for you all:

1. First, I have a concern for memory usage while uploading a huge (100+Mb)
file. How does Struts handle uploading the file? Or is this purely a Web
Server issue.

Also, I am using the org.apache.struts.upload.FormFile class to read it.
Does it matter if I use getInputStream() read batch-by-batch or

2. Next, when I pre-set the value, it does not show in the input field.

  <input type="file" id="file" name="file" size="50" value="temp.txt"/>

I read somewhere that that is a html thing. Is that true, and any way to get
around it?

3. Finally, How do you let users download a file with Struts? The file
cannot be outside WEB-INF.

(Could not find any documentation on this part, if you ask me to RTFM,
please direct me to which part of the manual).

Thanks in advance.

PS: Anybody have examples that have file uploads/downloads?

Daniel D'Cotta
Struts Newbie

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