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From "Sandra Cann" <>
Subject Expresso 4.1ea3 Released
Date Wed, 19 Jun 2002 19:21:58 GMT
The Expresso team is proud to announce the availability of a new release
Expresso 4.1ea3 of our popular open source J2EE framework which is based on

This release includes bug fixes that have been found in Expresso 4.ea2 since
it's release, added feature additions and performance improvements, as well
as JavaDoc and documentation updates.  This release has new features
including including a Refactored Registration, Login prompt automation,
Redirection support, Universal URL support, Radio Struts Extension Tag,
Html:Link Struts Extension Tag, Type-Safe Field Data Types, DBObject access
in MultiDBObjects, New instant stylesheet switching, Object Pool Framework,
Container-Based Authentication Integration, SSL Integration Capabilities and

A couple performance enhancements have been made including improved memory
allocation, wrapping a lot of logging calls, and Taglibs have been
optimized. In addition, maintenance changes include reformating source code
to fit Sun formatting standards, and updates to the EDG documentation.
Please refer to the Change log for the complete list.

Release notes:

Download freely (source and binaries): > Download link >

This release is the third early access candidate which is intended to
prepare the way for a production quality stable 4.1. There will probably one
more release candidate before the final release.

Expresso is an architectural framework based on Struts which has more than
97,000 downloads and offers the benefit of being the largest framework
community - about 4700 people on it's listserv.

We look forward to your feedback.

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