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Subject Re: Sharing JSP's across WAR files? Any Tricks?
Date Thu, 06 Jun 2002 13:40:06 GMT

I believe this is best addressed as a build/deploy issue, not a run-time

That is:

     - Create Ant targets to build each of the .war files needed for each
     - Have each .war file include the /common path.
     - Keep a single copy of /common in source control

Another advantage of this is better configuration management. Each app is
assured to be deployed with a version of /common that was current at the
time it was built. Otherwise, if someone changes /common it could break one
of the apps that rely on it.

"Steve Muench" <> on 06/06/2002 09:36:33 AM

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Subject:  Sharing JSP's across WAR files? Any Tricks?

Not strictly Struts related but I'm hoping that some of you
might have run into this in your appbuilding.

I'm trying to help a customer who wants to bundle a
page like common.jsp into a "/common" context root
in a common.war

and then have a page like myapp.jsp in a "/myapp" context root
in a "myapp.war" file be able to do:

  <jsp:include path="/common/common.jsp"/>

Short of copying all of the files from common.war into myapp.war,
is there any trick to have JSP pages shared across WAR files
like this?

The JSP 1.2 spec seems to prohibit this from my reading of it
in that it resolves a "/something" relative to the WAR's context root,
but I figured maybe I was reading it wrong.


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