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From Adam Hardy <>
Subject Re: DynaActionForm Advantages (A different approach)
Date Wed, 10 Jul 2002 18:52:15 GMT wrote:
> beans.  Each JSP page has a bean that holds its data.  The data is
> contained in a list of PageField objects.  The PageField has
> getFieldValue() and setFieldValue() methods that return and take Strings
> respectively.  The PageField also has a mapping that will map the field
> back to a model bean, if desired.  The mapping is specified in the JSP
> tag.  Page data that is contained in a model bean is automatically
> retrieved from and populated to the model bean by reflection.  Page data
> that does not cleanly map back to the bean is kept in PageField's
> internal storage.

I'm doing something pretty similar based on nested tags & beans, which I 
started out using only for pages with rows of records to edit, but now 
use even on pages with only one record, since the technique cuts out 
duplicating fields in a value bean and a form bean.

My value beans have the normal getter & setter methods with the business 
layer uses, and each field also has a string-type field with a string 
getter & setter pair which the nested tags and struts use to fetch or 
fill the indexed properties.

The string getter methods fetch the value of the normal-type field and 
convert it to string, and the form on validation converts the strings to 
the normal types.

Works fine, but I'm sure it blurs the boundaries of MVC, although I 
haven't come across any problems or issues with it yet.


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