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From Eric Rizzo <>
Subject Re: [jetty-support] Struts <html:base> problem
Date Thu, 11 Jul 2002 16:18:07 GMT
Greg Wilkins wrote:
> I think that the "path elements" refer to getContextPath,
> getServletPath and getPathInfo.  I believe that getRequestURI
> should always return the URI of the original request, unless
> wrapped by a user.
> However!!!  Craig McClanahan know a thing or two about servlets
> so I'll go do some checking again!
> Jetty used to change the getRequestURI result after a forward, but
> we changed it.  From memory, I think that a watchdog test is checking for
> this....  but I'll check????

Some more information courtesy of Craig:

"Per Section 4.4 (servlet 2.3), the request path elements are context path,
servlet path, and path info.  However, if you don't also change request
URI on a forward, you violate the following paragraph (also in 8.4):

     "It is important to note that, except for URL encoding
     differences, the following equation is always true:

     requestURI = contextPath + servletPath + pathInfo"

so there's no choice about updating requestURI as well."

Eric Rizzo
Software Developer
Jibe, Inc.

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