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From Adam Hardy <>
Subject Re: the context
Date Thu, 18 Jul 2002 19:26:19 GMT
Sounds like Deep Thought you're dealing with there. Similarly to 
Magicthighs and Broomfondle, you have unfortunately not defined your 
question enough and the answer would take 7.5 million years to formulate.

Adolfo Miguelez wrote:
> Hi All,
> we are are developing a framework based on Struts, and adapting Struts 
> to a propietary middleware which, in turns, as usually, deals with the 
> backends. Struts would make up the presentation layer, more or less, 
> delegating in other layers for the business stuff.
> It has been suggested a patter model, which I did not know before, and, 
> approximately, it is based in a XML which holds all the application data 
> in a tree structure grouped by functional roles. In that way, the data 
> is not spread all around the app, but it is wrapped in this functional 
> abstraction. It could be seen as a central structure for holding all the 
> model (and i.e. the state) of the app. It is termed THE CONTEXT!!!!
> Actions fills the context, and send it to the middleware, which, in 
> turns, sends it to business layer. It has empty fields for the data that 
> has not been obtained yet (actually all the app data is wrapped inside 
> the context). Business layer fills the new data into the context, and 
> the whole context is sent back to the action which, in turns, extract 
> the output data from it to fill the value objects and send this to the 
> JSP for rendering.
> Well, we are having actually, quite a lot of problems in integrating  
> this new element with Struts, with the ActionForms, with the validator.....
> It is actually as a huge value object holding all the data of the app, 
> travelling forwards and backwards along the app layers.
> My questions are:
> - has any of you seen a similar pattern? Any pointer is welcome. I do 
> not identify anything in the GoF patterns, but maybe I am not realising 
> of some of them.
> - what is your opinion about it?
> - could Struts, in future releases, include a context for wrapping the 
> data model for the app?
> Thanks in advance and sorry for the philosophical question,
> Adolfo
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